February 28, 2014

Essential | Millican Holdall Bag/I AM PACKED blog

Two things I got into recently that I think you guys will also enjoy
1. Millican Bags
2. A great blog: http://iampacked.com/page/16

Millican on Vimeo.

January 24, 2014

Essential List | All Black Everything

Car | Land Rover | Defender 110
Hat | Pantropic | Charlie Fedora
Vest | Klymit | Double Diamond Vest
Sunglasses | Moscot | Lemtosh Sunglasses
Sweater | Inverallan | Shawl Collar Cardigan
Shoes | A.Posse | Fulton

January 10, 2014

Essential Bike | Spiran designed by People People

Spiran Bike:

As you all know from my previous posts, I am a bike fanatic/enthusiast/collector.  I love bikes so much that if the right bike came along, I would trade my car for it, which brings me to the Spiran bike.  The Spiran is a concept bike that, if your familiar is related to the Kronan.  If your not familiar with that I have enclosed a brief history below.  The Spiran is still very much a concept bike, but Im hoping the people at People People of Sweden put this bike into production and send me one to try out.  The Spiran is gorgeous.  In fact I may not even ride it, it so beautiful I may hang it in my loft and stare at it.  Either way there is something so beautiful about the pairing of raw, unpainted, non-decaled steel with utilitarian design.  Its not bastardized and its clean as whistle.  


If you see similarities in the Kronan, thats because their related.  For many years the Kronan bike have been appreciated by many swedes for its simple, robust and clever design. Kronan is designed like the traditional swedish military bikes, which means it automatically is something all swedes can relate to and appreciate. We at People People love this bike, but we also think it’s a bit heavy and clumsy for a modern city contexts. Therefore we decided to design a successor. We call it “Spiran” which is sort of the sleeker and younger sibling of Kronan that moved into the city. The name Kronan is swedish for “Crown”, and Spiran means “Scepter”.

Just like Kronan takes inspiration from an old classic, we decided to take inspiration from old swedish post and delivery bikes. This is partly because it is a heritage of simple robustness, but also because the need of transporting things on your bike remains very important in a modern city context.

January 4, 2014

Inspiration | Todd Mclellan: Things Come Apart

Its not very often I find art that truly inspires me, but Todd Mclellan's, Things Come Apart, an expansion of the original Disassembly Series does just that...inspires me.  Im not sure what it is that evokes this creative inspiration, or feeling within, but when I look at his work, and the simplistic yet utilitarian nature of his pieces, I just can't help but want to decorate my whole apartment with his work.  His work is innovative, and true genius....Anyways, enough of my rambling, here it is:

December 21, 2013

Essential | Look of the day

Sweater | Hardie Shawl Collar Cardigan Grey by Epaulet
Pants | Rivet Chino Woodland Digital Camo by Epaulet
Shoes | A.Posse Fulton Hightops
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