December 19, 2008

Its snowing in NYC!

Its snowing in NYC and Im loving it!  So keeping with tradition, more like reminiscing about my formative years, I thought it would be cool to bring forth something we all hold near and dear to our hearts.  

Displayed above is what most will think to look like some sort of workshop tool (I know I did), but in fact it is the Alu Sled-All Runner, a modern day aluminum sled.  This Aluminum contruction "sports a lightweight aluminum frame, and an ergonomically designed polycarbonate seat, polyethylene runners, and a strategically placed shock absorber to keep you (and your back and bottom) from getting jarred all the way down the hill. The Alu also has a claw hand brake and folds up for easy toting." (Alu Sled

For a whopping $650.00, this could be yours.  

Alu Sled All Runner | Alu Sled

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