December 22, 2008

Levi's 501 Selvedge Shrink to Fit Denim (Limited Edition)

So I picked up a pair of the Levi's 501 Shrink to Fit selvedge denim jeans this past weekend.  The style is very classic and feels and looks nothing like that of the "premium denim" brands (Seven for all Mankind, True Religion, Citizens, etc.) we all know.  The 501's are rather unique as they are completely untreated, as in never pre-washed (therefore will shrink), never treated with chemicals (chemicals give it that pre-distressed look), and extremely stiff.  

Because these have never been treated, each jean truly become "your own."  And, by "your own," I mean each pair conforms to your figure, and your every intricacy.  This means fading, fit, and feel (the three important F's of wearing jeans) is affected by the body of the person who wears the jeans and the activities of their daily life.  Because each of us has a very specific wear pattern, each jean becomes as personal as a fingerprint.  

These jeans are absolutely timeless, and I'm hoping to pass these off to my children one day.  If you have a pair of these 501's, they pair well with a pair of L.L. Bean blucher mocs and an oxford shirt (great weekend look).

I will post updates as to how these jeans wear in.

Here are the Jean specs:
  • Levi's Original (Non LVC)
  • Limited Edition Release
  • Classic Relaxed 501 Fit
  • Red Line Selvedge Denim
  • Leather Waist Patch
  • Signature Arcuates
  • Shrink to Fit
*Update: to really shrink these, I read a number of blogs that suggested sitting in a tub of hot water would shrink and mold them to my body.  So I took the advice and it worked out perfectly.  The 501's fit perfectly.  The tag state that the inseam shrinks 3", it's more like 1.5".  As for the waist, it shrunk about an 1".  I'll update after I get a some wear in them.  Till then, try on some of your own.  

November 6, 2011
*Update: I have been so obsessed with these that whenever I find a pair of Shrink to Fits I pick them up.  Since my last posting, I have acquired 3 additional pair that I will most likely sell.  They are all selvedge denim and are 32x30, or 33x30.  So, if your looking and this is your size, comment me and I'll give you the details.  


  1. those came out a while ago, right? where did you get them and how much did you pay? I've been looking around for some for a long while now..

  2. I actually picked them up at the Levi's store here in SOHO. They were on sale for $36.00 and when I last checked, they had quite a stack left. Let me know if you find a pair or I can keep a look out for you when I head in next.

  3. Any chance you can find anymore? 38x32? I would be willing to buy a couple. I've been searching for these EVERYWHERE after my first pair ripped after 3 years =(.

  4. Aaron,

    I was just in a couple of days ago both here in the US, and in London, and didn't see any left. I'll check again this week and will update you on what I find.

  5. I bought 4 pairs last week at Levis stores near Union Square, SOHO and Lexington Ave. There are some left, especially at the Union Square store. They are on sale for about $30 as well.

  6. How come they don't sell these on :(

  7. Anonymous,
    Not on probably because of limited geographical inventories and the expense of logistics exceeding profit margins.

  8. I've been looking for some time now for the selvedge shrink to fit 501's but can't seem to find them anywhere. Any word on where to buy selvedged shrink to fit 501's like the ones pictured above?



  9. I was really lucky. I came across them at the levis store about a year back. Luckily I picked up another pair. As for where to locate them, I know that you can find them online, not sure where to even begin to look. Where do you live, I can try to locate a store near you.

  10. I live in Niagara Falls, Canada but as far as I know, they're not available here so I'd have to cross the border into Buffalo. Are there any places relatively close to the border you know of that would sell them? If you'd rather email me, my email is

    Thanks so much,


  11. I'm in Niagara Falls, Canada, but as far as I know, the STF's are only available in the US. I've tried finding the Selvedge STF's but can't find anything, even on the internet. If you know of anywhere close to the border that might sell them, I'd really appreciate it.



  12. Just wondering, where are these made now? most levi's pants i've seen are either made in Mexico or China. do they actually still make them in the US?

  13. they are made in the US of Japanese fabric. you can find them at Brooks Bros.

  14. They are for sale online right now at

  15. mike in spring branchDecember 3, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    Doesn't anybody give a shit about US manufacturing anymore??

    Demand of yourself a bit of integrity. Don't just buy something you think looks cool or because "they pair well with a pair of L.L. Bean blucher mocs and an oxford shirt.." Look at the fucking tag and see where it's made.. might mean a job for yourself or for someone you depend on to buy whatever the hell it is you do.
    Oh, and by the by, our self annointed "True Gentlemen's" jeans/shoes/shirt combo does not a PAIRING make. A true gentleman knows that would be referred to as an ensemble.


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