January 12, 2009

Foodie Essential

The Best Damn Fire Hose Apron Duluth Trading

I must admit, I am a big foodie.  I love to eat it as much as I love to cook it, and when Im in the kitchen cooking up a storm I like to have everything I need to prepare the food within hands reach (cooking utensils). Unfortunately, thats never so easy since I hate leaving utensils out that are not being used - in fear of an accident happening.  So I have devised a plan to tackle this debaucle, and the solution is an "apron."  This is no ordinary "apron" I am speaking of, but one that you can be proud to tell your friends about?  Yes, that is exactly correct, you might want to tell them that the Duluth "apron" is made of 10.7 oz Fire Hose cotton canvas, shrugs off moisture, stains, and resists scapes and punctures.  But that's not all, that was just the teaser, tell them: 
  1. Instead of tie strings that always seem to come undone, it has Duluth side clip suspenders that attach securely and stretch when you bend, reach, kneel.
  2. There are two deep pockets on each side, and the lower right hand one has a magnetic nail/screw bar (perfect for metal thermometer, meat tenderizing mallet of literally, some nails) so you don’t have to dig down deep for the fastener you need. Add the removable tool pouch when you need it – it clips to either side.  
  3. And the chest pocket holds carpenter’s pencil, markers and small tools.
While this is a shop apron, it serves my purpose.  I keep my knives in the tool pouch, and small cooking gadgetry's in the smaller pockets.  And because cooking has become such a strong passion of mine, I always keep a pencil and mini notepad in the front pocket with me just to jot down cooking notes.  

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