January 13, 2009

Executive Jewelry | Lenovo Reserve Edition

The wife and I are started looking to replace our age old laptop.  Afterall, it has been seven years and technology has lapped us fourfold.  As with any large purchase we do an in depth research, assuring we get a great deal.  Plus, I enjoy it!  So in my research I came across a rather extraordinary laptop.  Further research shows that this extraordinary laptop seen above is Lenovo's Thinkpad Reserve Edition with a limited production (5000 laptops).  Bound in high grade Italian leather, this laptop is not only aesthetically appealing, but can really walk the walk. Technologically, it features some of the greatest components available.  But, the real value of this notebook lies in its Executive Support Staff, who will gladly cater to your every need. On site service will be provided within four hours in almost every metropolitan area around the world. On vacation in the Maldives? The specially trained support team will answer your calls 24 hours a day, no matter where in the world you're calling from.

1 comment:

  1. The leather aesthetics sounds good, but I would be weary. This past year I replaced my old IBM ThinkPad with a new Chinese Lenovo because I liked the ergonomics.

    I have been less than pleased.

    First of all I was forced to purchase it with Microsoft Vista. I don’t even want to start what a nightmare that has been in terms of configuration and software compatibility issues.

    The second issue is that the Chinese machine comes with new quirks. For example there was a power reserve setting that was causing the machine to blue screen. It took forever to figure out it was a hardware issue and not part of the Vista issues.

    I finally have my ThinkPad working semi-normal for the most part, but my Outlook is still giving me an error message at times when I close it.

    In short “Reserve Edition” leather or not, I would be weary.


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