January 4, 2009

Travel Nessesity | Grass Court Duffle

I recently came across this small company out of Hanover, NH (Grass Court Collection) while surfing the web for classic duffle bags.  Grass Court Collection, specializes in "distinguished lawn-tennis & yacht club apparel," made for the discriminating sports executives. While the description didn't sound remotely like what I was looking for, I found the site interesting, and continued to peruse, eventually stumbling upon what I had set out to find - a basic canvas duffle with no frills.  Jackpot! What really enticed me is the fact that the bags are hand stitched in New Hampshire and come with a triple stitched brown leatherette bottom, medium brown buck leather equestrian handles and a heavy duty white carrying strap.  I put the order in and will update the build quality.  

*Update: Bag came today and I am pleasantly surprised.  The craftsmanship is bar none and exceeds any prior expectations I may have had.  The rich leather compliments the blue canvas so well, and I am sure with age, the bag will look even better.  Something I hope to pass on. 


  1. Did you research Wm. J. Mills (http://shop.millscanvas.com/index.html) before deciding to go for Grass Court Collection? I can't decide which one to order from... Thanks

  2. I know the WM J Mills brand very well. While they make make great quality bags, I really wanted a basic duffel bag which WM J Mills does not make. They are both great companies that produce quality bags, so rest assure which ever way you decide, your making the right decision. Let me know what you end up choosing.


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