March 6, 2009

Essential | Tom Haney

Tinguely's Dream | Tom Haney  

Art or Toy?

The answer to the above question is perhaps best answered by taking a closer look at Tom Haney's work.  While the name might not ring any bells, his work will.  

Former creator of props, models and miniatures for television commercials, still photographers, and big screen movies has taken his formative interests in toy making and skills as a kinetic/mechanical artist and fused this with his current works. According to Haney, "Some of my earliest memories are of creating things (toys, games etc,) and I've also always been fascinated with anything mechanical, often taking household items apart..." (Haney).  

There is a great amount of fun in his work and this can be seen in all of his pieces.  Joining together a childhood interest of toy building and his later involvement in creating of props, models and miniatures comes through in his works.  There is a perfect balance of childlike whimsy and seriousness to his work that seems to captivate all ages. So to re-address whether this is a toy of art is completely in the eyes of beholder.  

So to all you looking for that certain piece of art or toy, this is it. Haney's work is absolutely stunning and will blow your mind. Each piece is completely hand made. From the figurine to the mechanism that brings each piece to life, everything is done by Haney.  Amazing! 

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