March 16, 2009

Essential | Optoma Pico Pocket Projector PK-101

Pico PK-101 | Optoma 

Weighing in at a whopping 4 ounces, the Optoma Pico Pocket Projector PK-101 is currently the smallest and lightest pocket projector on the market, small enough to carry in your pant pocket. It is capable of projecting images up to 60 inches on any type of surface and comes supplied with a battery pack that can be charged like a cell phone. It can connect to any component that has an AV output, and apparently requires a converting cable to connect components without. 

Wondering about the image quality? Well, the Optoma utilizes Texas Instruments tried and trusted DLP chip which produces an undeniably astonishing image quality.  Yes, this is one in the same DLP technology used in DLP televisions.  The Optoma also has an impressive twenty thousand hours of lamp-life (thats equivalant to using it for 3 hours a day every day for the next 18 years) thanks to the latest LED technology.    

This would prove handy if your stuck giving a presentation where there are no plugs.  Just attach to your laptop, and voila, your set to go. 

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