March 17, 2009

Tips | Pant Belt Rules

When we put an outfit together, we often neglect a number of details. The biggest of them all is the pant belt. Often neglected, the guidlines to wearing a pant belt seems like a complete gray area where only one rule seems to apply. When a pant belt is worn with a suit, the belt must be the same color as the shoe's. Aside from that, it's a complete fog. So here are a few additional tips to add:

With Suit:
1. As a rule of thumb, the belt must match your shoes.
2. Your belt buckle shall always match your accessories in your ensemble.
3. You should never wear both a belt and suspenders.
4. Your belt should be the same material as your shoes (if you wear a brown suede, pair with brown suede belt).
5. Alway's buy a belt one size larger than your pant size.

With Jeans:
1. For men, a wider belt should be worn with jeans, if you opt to wear a belt at all.
2. Your belt, depending on the color of the denim, should be slightly lighter in color.
3. With jeans the belt can either be leather (regular leather, suede, nubuck, or pebble grain -- all of which look great with denim, tweed and wool), grossgrain, silk or cotton.

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