May 21, 2009

Essential | Paul Mole Barber Shop

Paul Mole Barber Shop

The high-end male-beauty services of our metrosexual era—glossy spas like Nickel, self-consciously macho clubs like John Allan’s—can be a little too, well, fussy. This Upper East Side barbershop, which has occupied the same two no frills floors for 90 years, is a reminder of a time when a superb shave was a taken-for-granted necessity, rather than a froufrou luxury treatment. Paul Mole is an amazing barber shop with a clientele that consists of fine gentlemen, including your's truly. I have been going to Paul Mole for some time now, and I have established a barber of my own, which in my lifetime I would have to say is the best around. Wondering who? Find your own!

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