January 15, 2011

Want | 1966 Fiat 600D Multipla

Well rumor has it that the Fiat 500 will be released in the U.S. and while many consider it one of Fiat's best designed cars, I would have to disagree.  Right around the same time, Fiat produced the 600 Multipla Measuring only 3.43 meters long and 1.45 meters wide, barely larger than the basic 600 on which it was based, the Multipla accommodated up to 6 people (to all you modern folks, its roughly the same size as the current day Mini Cooper).  The rear-engined layout meant that the front end of the car was free of mechanicals. Therefore, 2 front seats could be placed on the top of the front wheels and freed up the space between the two axles for another two rows of seats. In this way, the car could offer 6 seats, or alternatively, 4 seats plus a large luggage space behind them. The second and third row of seats could fold flat to load cargo, making it a popular choice for small business, farmers and taxi drivers. Such versatility gave it the name "Multipla", which means multiple usages.  This car offers a unique blend of versatility and design and will go down in history as perhaps Fiat's best designed vehicle.

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