September 19, 2011

Essential | Will Leather Goods Vintage Army Tote

I'm a huge believer that we all imitate the people we rely upon and look up to.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it's something we all do.  Children imitate their parents and I can recollect pretending to be like my father carrying around his tote everywhere I went.

Much of why I believe he loved totes was because of how utilitarian and functional they are.  And for that very reason, I came to love them as well.

But all else aside, I’ve found another reason to love them.  Totes are versatile in every sense of the word and have transitioned from not only being used for weekend getaways, but for everyday work.  In fact many have ditched their traditional briefcases and attache’s for the tote.  Though people have made the change from their traditional work-wear, you’ll notice that people often stick with the same simple, dare I say boring, tote.  Where’s the fun in that?

Well, here lies the game changer.  Will Leather Goods has just announced the release of their Army tote.  Mixed with authentic one-of-a-kind irregularities, this re-purposed vintage military bag speaks proudly for itself in every situation. Crafted in the USA of olive green army surplus twill and oversized grommets, this unique silhouette combines functionality and style - practical enough for work, but large enough to hold a day's worth of goods.

Want to learn more, take a stroll over to: 

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