January 8, 2009

A Must Have:

Truly a must have item for every gentleman that appreciates the art of shaving.  If you do, to understand the fundamental rules behind shaving, I think we have to take it back to a time where $1.00 disposable safety razors and blotchy shave jobs was not the norm.  But instead a time when gentleman took their time to carefully/meticulously shave using the adequate tools of the trade.  This includes a true safety razor with double-sided disposable blades (preferably platinum blades), badger hair shave brush, soap jar, and lathering soap.  It is truly a great way to get back to basics and really master the art of shaving like they use to.  Just ask your father, he'll know!  Oh, don't expect a perfect shave the first time, it's an art form that with practice, you can master.

Merkur HD 3 Piece Razor Set | Merkur
Prorosa Shaving Soap Jar | Bigelow Chemists

1 comment:

  1. It does take some practice but I have a few videos on my YouTube channel that may help those new to traditional shaving:


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