February 3, 2009

Found Art | Irving Alexander Block

Within the art industry today, the name Irving Alexander Block goes unrecognized as a painter and muralist. He was most notably known for his creations of sci-fi films (i.e. Forbidden Planet, Alice in Wonderland, Uknown World) that date back to 1949.

Born in New York City, Block was a graduate of New York University, the National Academy of Design, and Grande Chaumiere in Paris. Block took inspiration from his humble beginings and painted what he drew most of his inspiration from, daily life. Subject matters included nude women, mother and children, New York Subway Stations, cafe scenes, and much more. He was also commissioned to paint a mural for the American Medical Building for the 1937 World's Fair and also for the United States Treasury Department (I wonder if it still exists?).

Irving Block was truly a great American artist whose painting's created a window into an era long forgotten. The sad thing is a lot of his work that we find either goes uncredited or uknown. Above are some pieces that were recovered from a sketchbook of his that are currently selling on Ebay.

Irving Block Sketches Ebay


  1. this is my father, irving alexander block. let me know if you are interested in seeing more of his work
    francesca lia block francescaliablock@sbcglobal.net

  2. I was given a sketch "Nude with towel" . I adore it. It was from the Ankram Gallery in LA. Was wondering about the time frame as to when it was done or sold. Thank you Forrest6@comcast.net


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