February 3, 2009

What do you carry with you at all times?

Here is your chance to sound off - what do you carry in your pockets (suit pocket, pants pocket, or jacket pockets)?  What do never leave home without and must be on you at all times?


  1. 1.A pen (either a black Mont Blanc my wife gave me, or a black Retro 51 Tornado)- So that I don’t have to touch the pens proffered at restaurants or stores.
    2.Business Cards & Personal Cards (in a British tan leather card case)- You never know who you may run into, plus I use them for jotting down notes.
    3.Mobile Phone (small black Blackberry Pearl)- either in my jacket or left in my car, briefcase, or desk if I’m not wearing a jacket. I dislike carrying it in my pant pockets.
    4.Wallet (Coach, British tan leather money clip)- Two credit cards, drivers license, plus ones and Fives for tipping.

  2. 1) Wallet. Paul Smith.

    2) Watch. Tissot.

    3) Phone. Apple.

    4) Sunglasses. Aviator.

    5) Keys. Mini Cooper.

  3. Truly cool to see how everyone's pocket essentials differ and overlap. Keep it up.

  4. Samsung Focus Flash Windows phone

    "Wallet" that's really just an inside-the-wallet ID holder with money feld in the middle.

    Parker Steel/Gold ultrathin Jotter

    Way too many keys (I'm in property management)

    Omega Seamaster Professional that will have to be pried from my cold, lifeless fingers when I go--you know, for my future kid.


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