February 9, 2009

Essential | Swims Galoshes

Protect your investment!  By investment, I mean your shoes.  Afterall we spend hundreds of dollars on shoes, and by no means is that chump change, so we want to see that we get the most use out of them.  So to protect our investments, and ensure we are able to pass our classics onto our offspring, there is one essential rule of thumb that we must follow--protect your shoes from water (it can really damage your shoes). Obviously, there are other rules like shining them, using cedar shoe trees, but lets just stick with the most basic.  In order to keep the water out (whether that be rain, snow, sleet of the occasional puddle), every man should pick up a pair of Rubber Galoshes as they will protect your shoes from the elements.  Swims happens to make one that I favor because of the multitude of colors and styles they offer.  Check them out, I promise you'll want a pair of two.


  1. Genius! I totally needed a pair of these the past couple of months. With all the salt and ice these past several months in Ohio, these would've saved my two pair of Ecco shoes. Now ruined.


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