April 11, 2009

Essential | D.S. Dundee Shirting SS09 Collection

D.S. Dundee

When it comes to casual shirting this spring/summer, there is no doubt that it will be some variation of gingham. It is a handsome alternative to standard casual shirting (oxford, plaid, flannel, etc.) and makes for an easy pairing. Whether your going to wear it with jeans, khaki's, or shorts, D.S. Dundee's, made in U.K. cotton gingham shirts in brown, black and red, will go with just about everything and deserve a look at. By the way, these shirts are made at a well-established family business in Kent, U.K. if your wondering.

As an independent U.K. company trying to build their brand, they have done an amazing job with their recent SS09 collection where the key story is craftsmanship and "made in the U.K." They've spent the last few months forging collaborations with mills and manufacturers all around the U.K. to bring us quality wear made by artisans with decades of experience.

Lastly, Jim and Elizabeth, it was a pleasure meeting you both. The SS09 collection is a handsome collection that really captures the style of a modern English gentlemen. Keep up the amazing work D.S. Dundee.

More from the SS09 collection to come.

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