April 4, 2009

Essential Find | Vintage University Scarves

Purple, Yellow, and Black Scarve: University of Manchester, UK
Red, Yellow, and Black Scarve: Cirencester College, UK

I was in London's Portobello Market recently and happen to be rifling through some of the many antiques stands. While there I stumbled upon these 1950's Striped Wool University Scarves made of double thickness pure wool. These scarves are truly an amazing specimen from an era of craftsmanship, and its a reminder that they just don't make things like they use to.


  1. They look fairly authentic, but like just about everything there, they are, in fact, a con. Cirencester University doesn't even exist.

  2. Ian,you bitter little man! Cirencester is an agricultural college,it existed when i went there!!


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