April 4, 2009

A True Gentlemen x A Tailored Suit | Pocket Square

Yours truly has recently teamed up with ‘A Tailored Suit’ to bring to you a special Q&A segment about men’s style. This segment will attempt to tackle questions about fundamental men’s style. It is also a great opportunity for you all to chime in on to add your two cents. Please post questions you would like for us to answer.

Are Pocket Squares practical? Can you wear one to work, or are they best reserved for more formal occasions. What do you see on the streets of New York?


A Tailored Suit

The short answer is Yes, pocket squares are practical and should be worn with a suit, odd jacket, and even overcoat if the weather permits. But what purpose does the breast pocket serve; why is it even there if not to fill it? Whenever we see a man without a pocket square, it immediately signals that he is either unaware of the strengths this small flash of color can impart or he does not possess the confidence to be different. Because let’s face it, more than 90% of men do not wear a pocket square. To display a handkerchief on your chest is to clearly announce you do care about appearances.

With that being said, always pay attention to your environment and adapt if necessary. If you are going into an interview at a conservative New York law firm, perhaps this is the moment you do conform and keep the square tucked away. If you do decide to wear one, go with a simple white cotton or linen and choose a simple fold such as the square fold. Save your bright paisley handkerchief and puff fold for when you land the job or when applying to Esquire.

You also need to be confident in wearing a pocket square – hence this is the best reason to place a handkerchief in your jacket breast pocket as often as you can. Nothing breeds confidence like familiarity and you want to get used to it being there. Once it becomes normal to you, you’ll wear it effortlessly. And that’s when it will help you look your best.

Finally, remember that a pocket square is only an accessory. Like a spice in a finely prepared dish, it should add to the whole but never overpower it. If your bright handkerchief is drawing more compliments than your keen insight, you may have a problem. For detailed pictures on how to fold a handkerchief please visit A Tailored Suit’s Style Guide.

A True Gentleman

I happen to agree with ‘A Tailored Suit,’ that pocket squares are in fact practical and essential to a man’s wardrobe. Much like a gentleman’s socks, shoes and tie, and really any accessories he chooses to adorn his outfit with, a pocket square can really tie together your ensemble. Not only does it tie together multiple elements you’ve chosen to put together, but a pocket square is the one piece that you can have fun with. Whether it be the fold you choose or the type of material, or even the colors, it will be the one distinguishing feature that separates you from others.

If you’re wondering whether I wear a pocket square with my suits, the answer is yes. Working on Wall Street, there is this unspoken code that you’re to dress a certain way, and I have come to adopt this. This means you dress to the nines—bespoke suit and shirt, S. Ferragamo tie, handmade shoes, pocket square, and braces (suspenders). While this dress code may remind you of a certain fictional 80’s Wall Street figure (Gordon Gekko—Wall Street), the style is anything but fictional.

So chose a color, a fold, a material that suits the occasion and ensemble, and have fun doing it.

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  1. In response to a Tailored Suit, I note that you talked primarily about confidence.

    I am amazed at how important confidence is in the life of a man, how few men truly find confidence, and how something, like a pocket square can be the embodiment for that confidence.

    I would like to add a piece of advice for the men who don't have the confidence to pull something like a pocket square off: Go ahead and do it.

    Even if you feel a little awkward or like you are trying to hard, add the square, wear the argyle socks, get the tortoise shell glasses.

    When you externalize the person you want to be, you will eventually become that person. If you don't feel bold on the inside, take the action on the outside and wait for the transformation.


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