June 17, 2009

Essential | Grand Seiko

Seiko | Grand Seiko

A lot of you may not know because of the rarity of these watches (produced between the 60's and 70's), but Japanese watchmaker Seiko produced a line of watches that rivaled top Swiss brands like Rolex and Omega. In an effort to prove to the world that Japanese watchmaker Seiko could roll with the big dogs, and offsett the idea that Swiss watchmakers were the best, they produced a line of watches called the Grand Seiko (GS). The GS exudes quality and attention to detail, both in the case and the beautiful movement (said to be more accurate than Rolex). Made with careful screening of materials and the use of only the highest quality parts. People say that Seiko disregarded profit structure and pursued the highest technology available at the moment in order to create the Grand Seiko.

This is truly an amazing line of watches. Im hoping to save enough money to pick this up. One day!


  1. Hi, I am the owner of seven of these G S Watches.

    The nicest is Gold 3180 from 1960
    Gold 6246 from 1967, Stainless S 6246 from 1967
    Stainless V F A 6186 from 1973

  2. 1999 Seiko 18K and steel quartz - shamefully accurate and beautiful - I have 6 watches total, no competition for the GS though. Love the watch.


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