June 24, 2009

Essential Sneakers | Startas

It is very seldom that I do posts on sneakers, but it's the summer. On that very note, I introduce to you all Startas sneakers. Born in 1976 in booming communist Yugoslavia, Startas sneakers were once – and are now again – a sports and style icon! Originally designed for table tennis players, the soft canvas shoes were made by Borovo in Vukovar, in a factory established in 1931. Startas canvas sneakers soon became a legendary part of socialist cultural heritage. Very soon startas grew to be the biggest sports brand in the former federation, so big that it was one of the major sponsors of the 1987 Univerzijada international student games, a major sporting event that hosted more than 3900 athletes from 122 countries – all of whom were equipped in Startas sportswear. And now, after 17 years of being in recluse, Startas sneakers have been revived, revamped and redesigned.

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