July 6, 2009

Essential | Comme des Garcon x Monocle: Scent One Hinoki

Hinoki takes its name from the hinoki cypress, a tree that only grows in Japan and is the preferred wood for building palaces, temples, shrines and the finest wooden soaking baths. This is perhaps why a small bottle will cost you a tad bit more than your Stetson, but just know that the contents are extremely rare and worth every penny.

The Hinoki scent is a dry, woody-fresh scent with an intangible ”something” that gives it a mystical edge. In fact to conjure the exact emotion and feel of the idea behind its creation and name, we'd have to take a trip into the depths of Japan to find the Hinoki cypress. The full, rich scent of the wood, the smells of the surrounding greenery, the soft touch of meditative incense makes this a perfect weekend scent. I love this scent.

Scent One: Hinoki | Monocle

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