September 8, 2009

Essential | Oliver Spencer x Monocle Oxford

Oliver Spencer x Monocle | Oxford Shirt

This is perhaps the nicest Oxford shirt out there. Not only because of the fit, but because of the ingenuity that has gone into the actual design of this simple yet utilitarian shirt. Utilitarian you ask? Yep! Uknbeknownst to the naked eye, this basic looking oxford, available in white or blue and made from the highest-quality 275 GSM cotton features a divided pen/passport chest pocket and my favorite a hidden card/cash pocket in the side seam for those trips to far-flung destinations.


  1. With all those hidden pockets, the future of men's shirts is in such hands at Oxford Shirts.

  2. thats intense!
    the hidden pockets are pretty neat. i tend 2 hide valuables in my sock if need be. but having a special pocket in my shirt wudnt be a bad idea!


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