January 9, 2010

The Art of Suiting | Martin Greenfield Tailoring, A Tailors Tailor

In the East Williamsburg (Bushwick) neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY lies one of the few remaining factories.  Formerly called Three G’s, Martin Greenfield Tailoring is perhaps one of the few factories still hand making suits here in NY.  The inspirational story behind the factory is:     

Martin Greenfield, a Holocaust survivor, has been working at the factory since 1947 when he started as a floor boy at Three G's.  In the late 1970’s he purchased the company and he now turns out old-school tailoring like very few others do. He is the keeper of the rapidly disappearing art of handmade tailoring, crafting suits for companies like Neiman Marcus, Freeman Sporting Club and Brooks Brothers, and, once upon a time, for customers like Bill Clinton and the late Paul Newman.  

Watch the clip about him.  It is truly inspiring!
(T Magazine)

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