January 6, 2010

Essential | 1963 Porsche 356B T6 Coupe

1963 Porsche 356B T6 Coupe

This stunning 1963 T6 Super 90 coupe (VIN # 120061, motor # 805148) is one of the best examples of the last of the Super 90's, before Porsche introduced the C model with the SC motor.  This coupe is featured in Bali-Blue (6412), a special-order color for 1963, with a tan leather/vinyl interior.

The VIN number indicates this coupe was built in September 1962, and first registered in 1963. The car comes with a jack, tool kit, owners manual, Lietz rack, luggage straps, fog lights and a Nardi wood steering wheel.  This pristine Porsche has been fully restored to its day that it rolled off the assembly line.  A truly rare car that would look amazing with me in it.  One can only wish right?

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  1. I like the Car it got the nice Blue color on the outside.... And the inside texture is great... Lovin it, I might have o buy me one of those..
    But check out mines thelifeofthefashionkidjj.blogspot.com


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