September 6, 2010

Essential | Billy Reid x Levi's

Its been a long time coming, but I see that Levi's has really made a concerted effort to get back to basics.  As a company whose foundation/inception is deeply rooted in the workwear culture, Levi's spent a lot of time reinventing itself which ultimately pushed them further and further from what the company is good at, and that is making quality workwear.  Though much of their workwear is outsourced, I love the effort they have put into getting back to what they know, and that is workwear.  With their recent launch of Levi's workwear, and the collaborations with Filson and Billy Reid, Levi's is back on track to success.  Atleast if they continue down this path.

Here are a couple pieces from the Bill Reid x Levi's realeasing on Sept 10th.

Billy Reid x Levi's

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