December 29, 2010

Want | Rimowa Classic Flight

Rimowa | Classic Flight

Now I do not travel a lot, however when I do, I'm reminded how inferior my luggage is by awkward looks and wondering eyes at the airport, especially when I travel international.  I mean I understand, my traveling luggage dates back to my teen years when just a suitcase to stick my stuff in would suffice.  Though, over the years, the pieces of luggage have began to show age and wear and its time for me trade up, and I think I've found what I was looking for all along.  The Rimowa Classic Flight edition is truly beautiful looking and just as functional as it is good looking.  Made of a lightweight aircraft aluminum in Germany and adorned with rich leather handles, the Rimowa Classic Flight Edition can withstand extreme weather conditions without damage. The Rimowa Classic Flight suitcases are awesome and I really want one. 

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