December 5, 2010

Winter Essential | Tie and Scarf Co. Manchester Scarves

Now that winter is finally here and bundling is the only way to dress, its time to discuss the essentials of winter.  The Tie and Scarf Co. Manchester produces quality scarves and ties, though we're really focusing on their scarves today.  All scarves are made in England of pure new wool, heavy enough to withstand some of the harsh winds we have here in New York.  As for color variations, my personal favorites are the Ivy League University scarves.

As for the company, The Tie and Scarf Co. Manchester, is a family owned business,which has been involved in the manufacturing of accessories for over 150 years. During that time, the company has enjoyed an impressive international reputation for the manufacture of English Tradition high quality speciality textiles, which can only be seen at the finest stores in over 30 countries.

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