January 27, 2011

Want | MKII x Omega Seamaster 300 Limited Edition

Omega Seamaster 300 x MKII

If your not familiar with the MKII custom watch company, I am about to drop some knowledge on you.  The MKII company is the first of it's kind, customizing and hacking watches of all brands.  In particular, what perhaps put MKII on the map was the Seiko Diver x MKII collaboration in which they had used a Type II dial, sword hands, black day/date and the hardened and engraved bezel.  This gave the watch a real utilitarian look that stood out from an ordinary diving watch.  Though, the Seiko watches are somewhat of the past, MKII has recently released a limited edition 300 piece run that celebrates the "Omega Seamaster 300."   A truly stunning piece I can't wait to get my hands on.


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