July 4, 2011

Made to Measure | Louis Purple NYC

After many years of buying my suits off the rack and even having them tailored, I was fed up with the idea of suits never fitting properly and overpaying for the tailoring process.  While most have other issues with their suiting, I have issues all around in the suiting department; this also applies to shirting as well.  I guess these are the difficulties of being a certain height and build.  

This prompted me to head on over to Louis Purple (L.P), a shop run by one Charles Brunold.  Louis Purple is a made to measure stockist carrying an array of made to measure suit, shirts, shoes, and casual pants using some of the best Italian and English fabrics to choose from.  While it was my first time having a suit made, Charles put my mind at ease as he walked me through the whole process of choosing everything from the type of fabrics to each and every detail.  It also gave me a chance to really discuss with the affable Charles about how the store was conceived and his vision.

Apparently, frustrated with the price point and fit of off the rack suits, Charles wanted to create made to measure suits that is not only affordable but uncompromising in quality.  As for how he is able to create suits using such high end fabrics at such a low price point, suits and shirts are all made in Eastern Europe.  

While I had my reservations about the made to measure suiting process, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the suit and shirt came out.  Using a light super 120's Vitale Barberis Canonico fabric that can be worn during the summer, I choose an Italian shoulder and for a slimmer cut.  Though choosing the fabric and picturing myself in a customized suit did enthrall me, what is possibly the best thing about this whole process is the ability 
to have every aspect of the suit customized to my very specifications.  And as you can see, it came out perfectly. So if you happen to be in the NOHO area, drop in and let them know that I sent you.

Made to Measure Suit/Shirt | Louis Purple

323 Lafayette
New York, NY
(212) 219-8559


  1. well i rarely leaves comment on any site but your blog is really so amazing that i can't stop myself from making comment on it...

  2. Given your interest in all things fine, I suggest you give naj a call... once you wear one of his suits, all your other suits will be destined for the scrap pile.


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