January 30, 2009

Essential | Glenroyal of Scotland Pocket Shoe Horn

I spend a lot of time in my office at my desk and the one thing I love to do is to kick off my shoes and jaunt around in my socks (I'm sure you can all relate).  However that's only within the confines of my own office, I never step foot outside of my office without shoes as that would be the antithesis of looking presentable/professional, and I'm sure the big boss doesn't want to see that. So, when I'm caught off guard and called away for an unexpected meeting, or to meet with a client who desperately needs to meet now, I find myself scurrying to get my shoes back on.  This unfortunately entails me jamming my foot back in the shoes and stepping on the the heel of the shoe, thus ruining the heel.  

The solution to this easy problem is this pocket sized shoe horn made by Glenroyal of Scotland. Made of real horn and Scottish bridle leather, this shoe horn is perfect for those caught off guard situations as such.  I keep this little handy tool with me at all times, just latch it to your keys and your set.  

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