February 3, 2009

Essential | Rhodia Notebook

Rhodia Notebook | Rhodia

I'm an idea type of guy, a guy that at any moment has the solution to the most significant problem affecting mankind to the most insignifant problem that complicates our daily lives.  My ideas run the gamut.  So when Im not thinking of ways to change the world or ways to improve the design of the subway seat, I'm thinking of food.  I consider myself a gastronome so when Im not trying the millions of restaurant's here in the city- disecting each dish and its contents, Im trying to create a sucessfull recipe of my own - all in which I like to document.   

So for someone like myself, I need to be able to jot these ideas down and I've found something perfect for such a thing.  A company called Rhodia, most notable for their orange covered notebooks offers a variation of notebooks small and big.  These notebooks suits me just well, their handy and very affordable - truly an essential.  I keep the smallest in my inner suit pocket and the medium in my bag.  Which brings me to a new topic I will discuss in a later post - what do you all carry in your inner suit pocket?

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