February 18, 2009

Essential | Baxter of California Grooming Products

Finding an essential men's grooming product is quite difficult these days. With hundred's of choices in the market, we're constantly being bombarded with new brands and products that claim to fix or ail just about anything. For the man seeking something basic that just does the job, this task has become not only confusing, but extremely frustrating and overwhelming.

With the resounding amount of men's grooming products that come to market each year, I find that there are many excuses not to take the step in purchasing/trying each product. Some obvious reasons that hold us back from spending money on products are indecisiveness (this is a common reason--there are way too many products out there), being noncommittal, unsure whether the product will work, or even price.

I recently found myself in major department store recently and couldn't believe the number of unisex grooming products they stocked on their shelves. Moisturizers? They had a wall devoted to moisturizing cream's, lotions, tonics, etc. On that wall of moisturizers I probably counted at least 10 different brands that carry some type of moisturizer. This really makes our decision much harder, and if you're already an indecisive person, your going to walk away from this experience empty handed.

So, whether its the indecisiveness or even if its the fear of an inferior product, whatever the reason, I am personally recommending a brand that I have come to love and I'm sure you will as well. Baxter of California produces some great grooming essentials for the true gentleman. Packaged in an attractive blue bottle, this classy brand really does what it says, is rather inexpensive, and offers an array of product's suitable for your every need (the criteria that you all can agree is important). These basic products are an every day necessity that will really have you smelling and maybe even feeling good knowing that you didn't break the bank buying an inferior product.

Baxter Grooming Products | Baxter of California
Here is my daily routine:
(*see their website for additional products)

From L-R:
a. Daily Face Wash: It really does an amazing job of cleaning the skin, without overdrying.
b. Facial Scrub:  The almond scent really has me wanting to eat this stuff.
c. Oil Free Moisturizer: A must have for the harsh winter's we get here in NY.  Has the skin feeling great!
(*In Step 1, I use a & b interchangeably depending on how gritty my face feels.)

From L-R:
a. Super Close Shave Formula: Lathers like the best of the best.  Non irritating formula has skin feeling buttery smooth.
a. Pomade Clay Pomade: Provides great hold without the messiness.

a.  Vitamin A, D, E Cleansing Bar: Italian Lime and Pomegranate:
(*Step 1 and 4 are interchangeable, and depend on the day)
The  Italian Lime and Pomegranate scented cleansing bar has the most amazing scent.  As the scent fills your bathroom, you can't help but feel refreshed and energized.  It also has my skin feeling soft and moist, unlike other cleansing bars that can really dry out skin and cause skin irritation.  Weather here in NY has been on the dry side the past couple days, therefore, a mild soap like Baxter's cleansing bar can really alleviate skin irritations.      

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  1. I love these products. As a woman I love the smell of the soap and the face scrub is so light, yet really gets my face feeling soft and clean. These are great products for a man or a woman.


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