February 18, 2009

Essential | Acne Light Duffle Jacket

Wailer Man Light Duffle Jacket | Acne 

Now that the weather here in New York is getting a bit nicer (I hope I didn't speak too soon), I find myself keeping an eye out for lighter jackets. In my opinion, now if any is probably the best time as most people are not ready to make the transition, so you'll most likely have better luck. In my search, I stumbled across a really neat duffle coat--not the duffle coat we're use to seeing. Acne makes a light duffle called the Wailer Man jacket. Made of cotton, not wool, this duffle is lightweight and very classic in it's appearance. To top it off, it's wax treated, and if your familiar with wax treated products (i.e. Barbour, Belstaff, etc.) you know how well they hold up to rain. This duffle really pair's well with oxford shirt, dark jeans, and either moc's, or a nice pair of brogues.

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