October 27, 2009

Essential | E. Vogel Custom Boot an Shoes

Custom Shoe Factory | E. Vogel Custom Boots and Shoes
19 Howard Street

New York, New York 10013
Ever wonder how shoes are made?  Well, I did up until a couple weeks back when the great people at E. Vogel opened their doors to me for a visit of their workshop.  Based in New York City's, SOHO neighborhood, E. Vogel is one of the oldest shoemakers around, with a history that dates back to 1879. 

Not much has changed since than, as custom making made to Measure shoes and boots are still done by hand in their New York City workshop.  Step by step, nail by nail, last by last.  Each shoe and boot that comes out of their workshop is virtually made the same way as they were 125 years ago. 

The craftsmanship of each shoe is quite stunning and impressive as each shoe is created solely for the person commisioning the work.  Each person walks in with a vision and the craftsman are able to put those ideas into fruition.  The customer is able to choose the leather's origin, style of the shoe and pretty much every aspect of the shoe to fit their every desire.  The process is no easy process, as arduous as it is, the craftsman make it look effortless. 

So if your looking for a bespoke pair, look no further than New York City's E. Vogel.  The great people at E. Vogel are truly amazing people who will work with you in order to turn your dream shoe into reality.  Give them a visit and tell them know I sent you.

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