November 18, 2009

Essential | J.Crew Bowery Drafting Tote

J.Crew | Bowery Drafting Tote

What more can you say?  When you combine canvas with wax, you get perfection.  J.Crew's Bowery drafting tote is just that.  This tote is large enough to fit  a great deal of gear and has designated interior pockets for your everyday supplies, i.e., pens/pencils, your cell phone, plus a pocket that zips closed for safekeeping keys.  This is the perfect work all season work tote.


  1. Did you buy this tote? I've been looking at it for a while and I was wondering if you might have done a long term test on quality/sturdiness?

  2. I did. Its actually quite sturdy. Then again I use it only as a work bag. I've lugged some heavy papers and a laptop and never had any issues. As for long term, I've had the bag for about 4 months now, so not much in the way of long term testing.

  3. Do you have any ideas about care for this bag? I asked J Crew whether they thought it should be reproofed with a wax, but they couldn't find any info.


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