February 9, 2010

Essential Boot | Mark McNairy x ACL & Co. Patton Boots

I’m not sure whether or not I was the first to purchase these when I saw them at the pop-up flea (something only Michael Williams would know), but I was probably the only one to want them so bad that he had a feeling of guilt had he not purchased them.  Can you blame me?
These boots are simply stunning.   Crafted from Buck suede in Northhampton, England in the Sanders Shoe Factory, these boots show an attention to detail.  From the Goodyear welt to the red brick soles, these boots are just awesome.  There are limited quantities of these, I believe it two per size, and if you a size 10, there’s only one left cause I have the other pair.   Pick them up before their all sold out.
 Note to Michael Williams: I only received one set of shoe laces when I purchased them at the Pop-Up Flea.

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