February 3, 2010

Essential Store | Alltiques

In one of the most unsuspecting places in the city lies one of the most interesting stores to be found.  Located on the Bowery in Chinatown, NYC, is Alltiques, quite possibly the most thoughtfully curated 10 feet of space in the city.  The store is simply a counter within a jewelry exchange but the selection of rare watches, lighters, art, currency, and baseball cards is truly eclectic and amazing.  

If the selection doesn't amaze you, the knowledge that John Criscitiello possesses will.  As the curator and owner of Alltiques, John turned his love for collecting rare watches, and oddities into a job back in 1982 and continues to expand his collection of curios, antiquities and rarities.  You'll find things like the late 50’s James Bond Rolex Sub 6200 to the Art Deco Cartier clock from the 1939 NY Worlds Fair, and on the slightly less expensive side, he carries trays and trays of watches that are affordable to you and I.

Make a trip over to 88A Bowery, New York, NY, and take a look for yourself.  Tell him Tim sent you!

1 comment:

  1. Alltiques has recently moved to 70 Bowery...a few doors closer to Canal Street.


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