December 20, 2013

Essential | A.Posse Sneakers

So its been some time since I last posted, but I am finally back and just in time for the holidays.  During my hiatus, I received a number of questions about gift ideas for a man who has everything.  So I thought I would answer this questions in multiple parts so I can feature one essential piece a day until Christmas Eve.

Just to catch you all up, during my time away, I developed a new found appreciation for unique sneakers.  If you know where I'm heading with this, your absolutely wrong.  Brands like Common Projects, Lanvin, or Raf Simons has nothing on A.Posse, a New York based sneaker company.  

Founded by Stephen Sung, this limited production sneaker company takes cues from classic sneakers of our time and fuses them with modern day ingenuity.  The result is a minimalist look that is neither fancy or opulent, but simple, stylish, wearable, and amazingly comfortable.

Each sneaker is made of full grain cow leather with Napa finishing and the interior is made of high quality pig leather.  This mix creates a super supple feel and a sneaker that ages gracefully.

For those who have everything, I would take a stroll over to A.Posse to pick up a pair of these limited run sneakers.  I can guarantee that "someone" does not have a pair of these.  I suggest pre-ordering a pair as there is a fairly extensive wait list.  
My personal favorite is the Fulton.

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